Finding The Right Dog Leash For Your Furry Friend

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A dog leash or dog lead is one of the most important and basic tools you have for your dog.  The leash acts as an important communication tool that will influence the training relationship you enjoy.  It not only works to protect the dog and others, but leashing your dog is the law in most states.  However, with so many options, its hard to know which type of leash is right for your dog.

A dog with no obedience problems can utilize a simple four- to six-foot walking leash with a metal clip that snaps over the collar ring.  The size for an average leash may also depend on the height of the person walking the dog.  To really determine the best leash length for an average walking leash, the leash should generally come to your waist when your dog stands beside or behind you.  A shorter leash may be necessary at times for training and for walking in high traffic areas, expecially the larger dogs.  A longer dog leash is often used for training, especially recall for puppies, or as a way to let the dog play more in an open space without losing control.

Width is also important when determining the right fit.  Dogs under thirty pounds should use a 1/2 inch width leash, while dogs over fifty pounds should use a 1 inch leash.

Once the length has been determined, there are several materials to consider.  Most dog leashes are made of nylon, cotton, metal, or leather.  While nylon can be a satisfactory durable option, especially for smaller dogs, it can also chafe.  However, nylon is often the best option for puppies who like to chew.  Cotton is inexpensive and a fairly durable option, and is readily available.  Most trainers discourage chain leashes which can be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to the dog.  Leather is attractive and often the best choice for larger dogs as it is strong and flexible.  When choosing a leather leash, consider a double braided option for increased durability.  The only real downfall for leather may be its attractiveness for being chewed, especially for dogs that like to carry the leash in their mouths.

For smaller dogs especially, there are many leashes that are custom designed for you to be able to show off your dog's unique personality.  The leash is just one of the more obvious items, but can be matched up with clothes to show the world what you and your furry friend are all about.

A retractable dog leash can allow more freedom for your dog as well as help with some training exercises, but may not be suitable for a high-energy larger dog.  There are many retractable leash options now available due to their popularity.

A hands-free leash may be the best option, especially if you are planning to exercise with your dog.  These types are also gaining in popularity which means there are more and more great, affordable options.

No matter the type of leash you choose, make sure you consider the size of the dog, your size, and the type of activity you will be doing.  Choosing the right leash for the right situation can make all the difference in spending quality play and training time with your furry friend.

In this site, we will be reviewing several different types of leashes that suit specific needs you may have with your dog.

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